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New Products

H&S Nitro-Weld System

The Nitro-Weld offers an H&S exclusive as the ONLY nitrogen plastic repair machine with a built-in air compressor and contaminate-free nitrogen hot iron + staple capabilities, making it the choice of professionals.

Norton Super Flexible Film

Made with an anti-load coating and flexible backing, Norton Super Flexible Film sheets and discs last longer and conform well to contours for sanding hard-to-reach areas without burn through. This product can be used wet or dry. Available in grits ranging from 400 to 3000

AutoChem Jam Rim Cleaner

Excellent ph Neutral cleaner to quickly clean all types of wheels without damage. Removes grease, dirt and brake dust on wheel covers and rims. Safe on aluminum or magnesium wheels. Also effective as a cleaner of rust particles on paint. Contains a special blend of penetrating agents that dissolve dirt and a neutralizing substance that becomes active when you rinse it off.

Launch Tech X-431 Pad II


RAPTOR 1K Truck Bed Coating is ideal for protecting truck beds and other vehicle surfaces from impact, scratches, corrosion and water damage. Its 1K formulation gives a durable, abrasion resistant finish with excellent adhesion to metal, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic and wood. With its clog free nozzle it is easy to use and dries to form an attractive, textured finish that resists fading from the sun.

Norton Vac Rack

DeVilbiss Snap & Flow Paint System

The simplified design of the SNAP N FLOW™ system allows painters to measure, mix, spray and store … all in the same mix cup — providing a significant savings in paint … and time. The specially designed lids snap on the cup. In a snap, you’re ready to spray.

This innovative system creates a constant flow of paint from the cup through the gun. Unrestricted consistent fluid flow gives you the best color matching and more control over your jobs.

RBL Heavy Duty Pressure Sprayer

IRT SmartCure UV Light

Operational safety in every detail is IRT top priority. SmartCure comes with exchangeable, high quality, long life 18 V lithium-ion batteries. Peak light performance is maintained on a constant high level until the display indicates battery change, no risk of power loss due to discharged battery. The battery charger is hardwearing and reliable. It holds charge over time without risk of overcharging.
U-POL Premium Aerosols

Farecla G-360 Super Fast System

G360 is being hailed by bodyshops as a ‘game-changer’ – because it is saving them so much time and money with its market-leading fast cut, plus there is no need for expensive P3000, P5000 discs.

Like90 Grippy Mat

Farecla CCS Buffing Pads

Manufactured using the finest engineered foams specifically designed for cutting, polishing, and finishing the Farécla CCS Waffle buff pads are designed to allow air to circulate through the pad reducing heat build-up. Available in 3″ or 8″, Single or Double-sided.

Like90 Grippy Mat

Norton Factory Grade Attachment Tape

High-performance black double-sided acrylic foam tape with blue easy-release polypropylene liner for exterior and interior moldings and trims. Available in 1.1mm thickness, Norton Factory Grade Attachment Tape features black adhesive with a dark foam core that provides cleaner site lines in applications such as modern body side moldings, claddings and roof ditch moldings. Enhanced ability to match the requirements of new OEM part technologies.

Like90 Grippy Mat

DeVilbiss DV1-S


  • Deliver ultimate Smart/Spot repair application performance
  • Sprays consistent and homogeneous spray patterns
  • Atomizes effortlessly with a selection of finely tuned air cap and fluid nozzle setups
  • Provides maximum comfort and easy use from set-up through the entire spraying process
  • Provides maximum comfort and ease of use with right the first time results
  • Improved transfer efficiency saving time, money and repair costs per job
Like90 Grippy Mat