We take a hands-on approach and work with you side by side.





Caruk & Associates Ltd

Since 1985, Caruk & Associates have been serving the Collision repair industry in Canada.  Our commitment to sales through education and training are a top priority.  The products we represent are the very best in quality and the latest in technology.

With professional salespeople in all the major centres across Canada, we are calling on the collision repair facilities as well as the distribution network regularly.  Clinics, workshops, sales meetings, trade shows, detail calls and problem solving are areas of our expertise.

Total Sales & Marketing Inc

Total Sales and Marketing was incorporated in 1993 and has been serving the Collision Industry on the West Coast of the United States.  The  territory covered by Total Sales includes Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona & Southern Nevada.

Total Sales is a “hands-on” agency, we dedicate much of our time in the shops training and educating technicians on the many products we represent.  We provide excellent sales coverage in the territory and are committed to the resources necessary to enhance our service of this industry.  In-shop clinics, detail work, trade shows, sales meetings are all a part of our effort to communicate the very best of products & service to the valued customer.

PBE Automotive Marketing Inc

PBE Automotive Marketing Inc. established in 1990 is a sales and marketing consulting company whose primary focus is to assist in bringing new products to the market place. The letters PBE as an acronym, stands for Paint, Body & Equipment.

Understanding the infrastructure of the market place is essential in a product’s success.  Our knowledge of manufacturers, distribution, and the collision business are essential to this success.

Our years of experience in sales and marketing, along with in depth knowledge of the Collision Industry can provide you with a marketing plan to bring your product to market profitably.