We're shouting from the roof tops about our brand new products!

New Products

Gerson Paint and Body Mask

  • NIOSH Approved P100 99.97% filter efficiency effective against all solid and liquid aerosols, including oil-based aerosols.
  • Easy-to-adjust, comfortable head strap assembly.
  • Professional Series face pieces provides more comfort and greater durability.
  • With OV and P100-OV/AG Filters

Medium 089251-KIT
Large 089351-KIT

RBL Dirt Trap and Overspray Netting

  • Made of lint free monofilament nylon
  • Open tack formulation stays tacky for months
  • Contains flame retardant
  • Size of roll 72”x160’
  • Available in black and white
  • Eyelets on both top and bottom of roll
  • Eyelets repeat every 2”
  • Easy to install with hooks like a shower curtain
  • Netting can be used on the booth floor by securing with duct tape. Will trap overspray and dirt from getting in wet paint.

Launch Tech Diagnostic Scan Tool




  • Coverage of Domestic, European, Asian & Exotic Car Manufacturers


  • Will automatically identify all vehicle systems & modules

IP65 Rated for Shop Conditions

  • Drop-tested, dust-proof, water resistant


  • Install 3rd Party Apps (All Data, CCC, Printer, etc.)


  • 1 year included of weekly updates, downloaded via Wi-Fi


  • New 8 core processor
  • Bluetooth to OBDII – No cables (up to 75′)
  • 64GB Memory
  • 10.1″ High resolution capacitive touch screen
  • High resolution camera with video capabilities
Launch Tech X-431 Pad II


  • Energy efficient and extremely quiet vacuum
  • Wet indicator to prevent unit and tool damage
  • Compact, smooth-edged design to maneuver tight spaces effortlessly
  • 16.5’ Coaxial anti-static hose allows sanding and finishing work from almost any angle
  • Versatile design and enclosed storage area allows for customization improving cycle times and reducing waste
  • “Stay put technology” hooks and versatile storage area for a completely custom work-space
  • Automatic filter cleaning system guarantees highest amount of dust removal without loading
Norton Vac Rack

RBL Heavy-Duty Pressure Sprayer

  • Engineered for use with solvent-based degreasers or water-based degreasers
  • Can be used with brake cleaners and other corrosive solvents
  • Applies both stream and spray
  • Completely enclosed to protect mechanisms from dust and dirt
  • Large capacity canister and opening for easy filing
  • Built in pressure relief valve for added safety
RBL Heavy Duty Pressure Sprayer

U-POL Premium Aerosols

  • U-POL is now offering a comprehensive line ideal for spot/panel and SMART applications
  • Special clog-free nozzles give a spray gun like finish to every job
  • Now available in an assortment 12 pack
U-POL Premium Aerosols

Like90 Grippy Mat

  • Unique non-woven material traps dust and overspray when misted daily with Like90 Particle Control
  • Vacuum to remove dust and overspray
  • Reduces paint contamination by 50% or more
  • Maintains good lighting and reduces noise in the booth
  • Protects booth floor – no more scraping off overspray
  • Typically lasts 3 to 4 months
  • Fast and easy to install
Like90 Grippy Mat